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Projekttitel: Developing a Test Bed for AAUSat-II
Synopsis: Designing robust and fault tolerant systems is a difficult task. The possibilities of making errors are present both in hardware and software. Experience has shown, that 50% of a software developers working time is spent on testing and debugging, whereas less than 5% of the educational time is dedicated to these tasks. [Beizer,1990]

When a satellite is launched into orbit, several man hours of development have been put into the construction of the satellite. To obtain a high possibility of a succesfull mission, the satellite should have undergone a severe amount of testing prior to the launch. Since the time available for testing student projects is often very reduced, a tool to help the integration testing is desirable.

On the previous CubeSat [Cubesat,2003] satellite project the integration and testing was very difficult, because no specifications on how to perform these tasks were present. The test bed should include a set of minimum tests, so that some minimum extent of integration testing can be performed with little effort required from the subsystem developers.

The purpose of this project is to develop a test bed for the AAUSat satellite system, and future pico satellites based on the same platform.