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Projekttitel: Developing a Robust Protocol for Wireless Fire Alarms
Synopsis: This project deals with the development of a communication protocol used to ensure a robust and reliable communication in a wireless fire alarm system.

Based on an analysis of the scenario consisting of wireless detectors communicating with gateways which are connected to a central unit via a cabled network, the communication technologies are chosen. The ZigBee protocol is chosen as the wireless communication standard, and the cabled network is simulated using RS232 connections.

An application layer protocol is developed on top of the ZigBee protocol, with high availability, reliability, robustness, and low power consumption as primary objectives.

A detector is designed and implemented using a TI-430F149 microcontroller and a gateway and central unit are merged and implemented on a Linux PC. Two Adcon Addlink 868 MHz ZigBee based radio modems are used as Wireless links.

The designed protocol is verified using UppAal to ensure that no live- or deadlocks exist, and the required specifications dictated by EN/DS standards are met.

The protocol software is implemented on a system consisting of one detector and one gateway/central unit.

Through testing it became evident, that the developed protocol can provide robust and reliable communication between detector and central unit, with an error rate of less then 10exp(-9) errors/hour.