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Projekttitel: Monitoring Network Quality - Using a TCP Analysis Approach
Synopsis: This project deals with the development of a monitoring system to measure quality of service (QoS) on wireless networks.

The developed system carries out measurements without sending packets on the network and therefore does not cause extra traffic. Instead, the system analyses existing traffic on the network by capturing packet with a sniffer, and performing a number of QoS measurements. The results of these are stored in a Management Information Base (MIB) and can be retrieved by a management system through the SNMP protocol.

The developed system is based on an Object-Oriented Analyses and Design (OOA/D). The system is defined in OOA and problem- and application domains are analysed. The technical platform and the architecture is presented in the OOD as well as system components and their classes.

The monitoring system is implemented on a Linux operating system using both C and Java programming languages. Java Native Interface is used in communication between these two programming languages.

It became evident through testing that the system is able to measure some of the parameters defined in the problem definition but not all.

The project is summarised and possible improvements are discussed in the conclusion.