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Projekttitel: Developing an Autonomous Collision Detector
Synopsis: This project deals with the problem of collision between ships. The project uses the technology of the Automatic Identification System (AIS), which is based on, commercial ships transmitting their position and other data, through a VHF-channel. From this data and the GPS-data from own ship, the possibility of collision can be calculated.

For the analysis and description of the system, the method UML is used. Software, that among other includes device drivers and programs for the graphic userinterface, is developed to be executed on a LIAB SC520 embedded system.

Input from the user is transmitted to the system, through a small keyboard, and output is shown on a 10'' TFT Display. At danger of collision, the user is warned by the display and a buzzer.

Buzzer and keyboard are mounted on an extension board together with a opto electrical circuit that seperates the processorboard from the external units in accordance to the NMEA 0183.

To test the system, an AIS simulator has been developed, according to current standards.

The AIS simulator has been used to test the system through laid down examples. In this relation, it can be concluded that the system serves the intended purpose.